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Hello! New here!

2011-09-11 20:22:26 by St3phasaur

Hello everyone! Names Steph

A lot of stuff that I'm posting here is me starting out in Flash. A lot of it has small stupid stories. A lot of it is short practices with walk cycles and flash tools. Im just starting out in Flash so try to give me a little break :)
I've been working in Computer Arts for about a little more than 5 or 6 years now and I've been building up a portfolio in just regular digital art. I've never done flash before this year so Im just starting out.

Eventually I hope to put up some really well made animations in Flash. I am taking a lot of classes in college in animation right now so hopefully I will get a lot better.

Just thought I'd let everyone know whats up!
Check out my digital art at


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